Evaluation vs Full

EncloseJS version that is publicly available via npm install is an evaluation version. It has several limitations in comparison to full version. To get full version please subscribe to paid plan.

Evaluation Full
Network connections Limited Unlimited
Process working time Limited Unlimited
Updates to new
Node.js versions
Not guaranteed Guaranteed
Compatibility with
latest npm packages
Not guaranteed Guaranteed
Support Not guaranteed GitHub issues, Gitter,
E-mail, Phone
License Non-commercial
use only
Non-commercial and
commercial use
Price in USD Free $9/month $100/year
PayPal notes Please use only personal PayPal accounts

After you subscribe

Immediately after you pay, you will get an e-mail with your license key and instructions how to get full EncloseJS version and to get future updates.

If you have any question, contact support directly: igor (at) klopov (dot) com.